You and I

3 poems written in Lynmouth while on holiday in Exmoor, Devon. Lorna Doone country.

The River Lyn

As the shadows of evening stretch across the river
And reveal its hidden depths
A thousand voices whisper in the still rushing water
Of a timeless tale
Often told and oft forgot
Of feet that crossed
And some that lost
And mingle with many mothers’ tears and cries
And lovers sigh upon her banks
And thirsty soldiers giving thanks
For children’s babbling laughter in the brook
With dabbling feet all socks forsook.
A delight to man and cow that sups
And soothes the burning brow
Washes the blood from highwayman’s wound
Wakes refreshed the damsel swooned
And carries home to sea
The never ending story
The one of you and me


I saw the sun rise red out of the sea
Just him and me
And heat up white hot
High in the sky.
What a lovely day today

The Seagull

The seagull draws the landscape anew
With his shadow
Flying across roofs hitherto unnoticed
Touching fleetingly some man preoccupied
Or child unseen
To him we are
Like any other beast that walketh beneath
His ever beating white wing
Singing through the air
His cry echoing off the tree clad cliffs


Ah, you got that Judas look
Someone's gonna pay
You want me to be Jesus?
Oy Vey, what can I say



Accelerator man
I’m a fan
buckle up
Knuckle down
Crown me king of the white line
Wanker with a view
to the future


I’ll be going
home again.



Incoming e mail from Pansy Hanks
‘Love tool
deserving of a titan’

(et tu Brute)



Romance between my eye and I



Anxious for acceptance you
Escape from yourself
into the good opinion of
the one out there
and then
the rest of you shows through
The cracks
In the cover-up
in the morning light..
“Yo Bitch, put on the tea.”


The Human race

is a long race
against time
and matter sagging into lumps and bumps
and old age legs
hastening less and less
as the spirit of Wisdom approaches.


You and I

Everyone lives on a different planet
but we all share the same body.



What a shock it was to see
A monkey in my family tree
You can't mistake the pedigree
But keep it under your hat.


Who's new in the Zoo

A worm with bones,
How-dee-doodie Mrs Jones,
belies our creepy crawly nature.



Men mistake their feelings for fate.


An Aphorism

Life isn't pretty, but beauty gets you through.


Figuratively Speaking (An Olympic Ode)

They punch the air in victory.
Do they think that she won't mind?
The wind the one they gleefully defeat,
the one that blows behind.


The Watchman

You catch a glimpse of God
from the corner of your eye
you had quite forgotten
that you're gonna die,
And oh so busy doing
you're almost fast asleep
But don't disturb the dreamer
lest he wake and weep.


One Liners

Nature sleeps but once a year.
Man has two feet and two hands.


The Girls Game (An Ode to Venus Williams)

So what now you've won?
We used to like you when you were underdone
Someone we could cheer.

But now you top dog with the bone
behaving like a lady on the phone
no one else at home
smiling for the camera
for 'you' down the line somewhere
there in no mans land.

Thank you for your applause
It'll pay for my security doors
because you see
the money's all for me
you only get left with the show.

But this is all I get
My wealth just keeps me warm.
I'm just happy to be back but,
with my smiles and my charm and my cutie doll voice
There's nobody here but the panderer.

Maybe I'll do a stint in the Congo,
You want some wooden chairs?
It's a racket don't you know
these celebrity affairs.

Your life is a conveyor belt
of customs, you uphold
because you were told
and you gotta run faster than the crowd
because they got your number - ONE -
the heart of a banker
by and bye will succumb I'm sure,
I'm a girl
he wanted a son
a thirsty sort of fellow who could
bellow like a bull - become -
bearing the light of mankind
in his/her little way.

I don't remember you - you were looking at me.
I remember me - or what you saw -
or what I thought you thought of me.
And it's such a lonely revelation,
how beauty did despair
when it heard the woe behind the happy air
a deeper well than I would dare
Oh shallow life that I would easily scare
so easily forgo
the sad affair
the promise of another dare
my darling how we do
this dance so slightly
here and there.....

I wonder if you care?