Poems by Lord Gaga

The first one is about the punishment and torture of slaves in the workhouse in the Caribbean .

In The Workhouse

In the workhouse, after hours
of toil and pain as your master hovers,
splinters of wood pushed deep into your back,
a plunge from the cliff can only relieve you of that.

In the workhouse with toil and pain,
the blood screaming as it bursts through my vein,
the man I was is now locked away,
complete with a lock, for the key I must pay.

In the workhouse,
every time the rope touches my back,
I still scream in vain,
If you try to stand up for yourself,
a move you will come to regret,
your master would come up to you and say
"this one's in the workhouse today"


On Planet earth

On Planet earth
On the beach,
up and down,
searching for meaning,
never found.

At the mall,
with material goods,
walking aimlessly around,
searching for more,
but never enough.

With my "friends",
making jokes,
lies about me right behind my back,
silent whispers,
to reveal a solitary tear.

In my room,
rope tied to the roof,
a little jump,
and a silent snap.

In the air,
floating up high,
I look down on earth,
to see my parents say goodbye.


This ones about a prostitute. i'm glad i wrote about this because they are SERIOUSLY misunderstood.
It's not like they do it for fun!

Understand Me

Parents look on at me with scorn,
earings on and cigar in hand,
head to toe in fine silk,
their children playing behind,
blissfully ignorant of me.

The sun goes down and the nightlife wakes,
Young rich teens going to parties,
A car pulls up at my feet,
A man in black with a hotel key,
my silent prayer for god to forgive me.

It Kills me inside out when i do my job,
I think sometimes to end it with a quick long fall,
But my children keep me going,
their father stripped me of everything i owned,
and left me jobless to fend for my own.

So when you see me on the street,
i'm a normal person who just lost the game of life,
feel my pain, help me gain,
Understand me.



The Doves

As a child i would look out side,
the sun breaks though nights hold,
to uncover the world's mysteries,
some good, some bad.

Two little doves playing on a branch,
Gracefully flying from one tree to the next,
spreading their wings as far as they could go,
to take flight and be free.

I have tried as a child to be as gracefull as a dove,
tried i have but never enough,
the burdens we humans have with all the wants and needs,
never like a dove we will be it seems.

Now i'm all grown up and have a job,
more and more burdens to add to the list,
but even now i still believe i am free,
not because i'm a dove,
because I write poetry.



Sweet Candles

Blow cool breath and the fire goes out,
Hot wax masks the top of the sweet delight,
eating it up as fast as you can,
but never enjoying until it's gone.

To make a wish,
to say a prayer,
it all makes no diffence to me,
in the end you don't need to care.

Cards of reasurance at your bedside,
a slip of paper on your table,
words of giving all material good,
gone to a land where there is everything you need.

When you look at the cake on your birthday,
surrounded in a circle of light,
like a strange ritual of blowing them out,
Each candle your life,
when you have finished eating your slice you would wish you had more cake.



Broken treasures

I live in the future but in the past i must dwell,
to seek the treasures of the old kings that fell,
so much value in old broken bliss,
items unlike me that will never have deaths kiss.

Some discarded items,one person thinks,
treasures to behold for a new future come,
marvel at us when we are discovered,
us few fallen kings.

Here i must now rest,
for i am weak and tired now,
take with me my secrets,
and a few broken treasures.



My little box

My world's all corners,
sharp and to the tip,
being punctured over and over again,
pay,i must,for all my sins.

Shapes to me are only square,
up and down,left and right,
hard,cold metal under my skin,
haven't i suffered enough?

A bed,a chair,a toilet,
all they think is enough for my soul,
thy thought is only as good as thy action,
lord save me for i am in a mad world.

One more mile left to dig,
how many more pockets full of dirt?
only to realize i went the wrong way,
to end up back in my little box.



This one's about 3 seductive sisters who would kill the men and steal the gold.

Three sisters of old

These three sisters of old,
how could thee be bold,
to approach one of these three sisters of old.

Jenny the smartest,
she'll break your heart with a kiss,
as she walks away she shines with gold,
one of these three sisters of old.

Brenda the prettiest,
but she'll drop you like you're no one,
such things to be learned,
from these three sisters of old.

Shana the youngest,
who just could not stand it,
had to run away spilling all her gold,
from these three sisters of old.


The world is crazy

1.Round,not flat,but you may go over the edge,
in my mind dark whispers torment me,
mind so blank,yet not empty,
to see the blood dripping down the stairs.

2.Sirens blared as i flew down the street,
blood under my shoes imprints on the ground,
i dug deep into my pocket to reveal,
a shining gold prize weighing heaver than it should have.

3.Dark in the corner the other attacks,
knife to my neck,hand in my pocket,
a swift movement and a silent choke,
the world is crazy as i fall to the ground.



Paper heart

1Fearless hearts to hide behind,
wet on the inside,
hard on the outside,
but at the core of my exsistance.

2.Soil infected my mind,
as i was pushed towards the ground,
and as a sharp object slid into me,
my heart was wet on the outside.

3.Flat down on the ground i cried words,
why should i now hide it,
crazy with the burden of life,
i slowed down and surrendured to the paper.



Spirt catcher

As force pushes me to the ground,
my eyes go up and i see darkness,
our treasures spill all around me,
as a steel cross is pushed to my head.

Memories of past fill me on a burning cross,
as an angel serenades me,
touches my forehead with fingers so cold,
as she forms a cross upon my forehead.

On the side of the road my body left,
screams of pain but of strange pleasure,
hearts pour out onto the floor,
to save my life i must run away from it.


No one loves me

Grief for me,sweet necter for you
to give such pleasue in tormenting me,
in the court of alexandra,the dust devil spins,
torturing me to fall.

The forest light shows me a path,
angels fall and water rises,
just to overflow and treasures spill,
only to be sealed again.


Sister moon

Silent moon over the stars above,
sweet pieces of heaven glued on to you,
sweet sister of the night,
sister moon.

Stars bow down as angels whisper,
night is upon us and we must combine,
oh sister of the night come save us now,
sister moon.

You reflect my thoughts oh sister,
as bodies fall you are radiant,
oh tell me your secrets,
sister moon.

How could you not open your gates to me,
help me now as i fall,
forgive my lies sister,
sister moon.

You had let me fall into the lap,
of the fire around me oh sister,
why couldn't you forgive me sister,
sister moon.


Angel eyes

Angels look at the snow fall to the ground,
fall around the baby in a perfect circle,
oh how baby jesus looked at mary,
with everlasting eyes,
the last sacrifice's,