by Hannah and Ian Keildson

Isis Act Two Scene Seven - The End

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White Isis - Red Dress


The Soldiers - Jungle camouflage in black and white and grey with gasmasks and a Tyre Track Insignia on the chest.

The Scientists - White radiation gowns with black Tyre Track Insignia on the back, gloved and Gas-masked.


Cue: Helicopter and war noises. Searchlights pierce down from the hovering helicopter.


Soldiers appear from everywhere in anti-terrorist mode, pointing guns, shouting orders, scuttling around corners and eventually securing the area with everyone pointing their guns and spotlights at Upstage Left. (Budget allowing it would be nice for one or two of the soldiers to slide down on ropes as if from the hovering helicopter.) While the soldiers are coming in The Creature forms a square platoon and goosesteps this way and leopard-crawl the other, moving front to back or sideways.

After the initial skirmish everyone freezes into position and after a few moments silence, White Isis steps out into the spotlight. She stands stupefied and bewildered.


The spotlights follow her as she stumbles forward in a daze, hands raised in beseeching as if she has blood on them. She moves towards a soldier with a pleading gesture to help her but he backs away as if she's a terrorist with a hidden bomb. There are all sorts of shouted threats and commands to make her stop moving. She goes to another soldier for help but he too retreats, keeping careful aim on her all the while. She sinks to her knees, holding her hands up to the audience in final supplication before collapsing in on herself in despair.


Black Isis rushes in with knife and slowing down in time with the helicopter blades which now become the gigantic beating black shadowy wings of death. As she gets closer to White Isis and is moving like a frame at a time with the strobe flashes and the whoosh of the wing beat sound, slowly, in jerks, raises the knife high over the bowed head of White Isis .


The Creature goes into a slow motion dying demonstration a'la The Matrix. A high kick, running up a wall and back flip at the same time as doing a dodging-the-bullet face on with three figures depicting the slo-mo bending over backward and side to side in an after-image blur of bodies.


The Wing beat pulse stops with Black Isis' frozen shadow looming over the doomed White Isis .

In the long silence an Ice-cream van's music is heard.




Slowly White Isis turns to see a huge, very bright beam of light directly over centre stage like the very light of god behind them as the helicopter wing beating speeds up to normal reality again. A transparent Sphere (in which a baby or something is vaguely visible) slowly begins to descend and the red in the eyes of the backdrop begin to flash on and off like the countdown to Armageddon. All hell breaks loose. The Soldiers panic and point their guns and shout orders and retreat and the scientists are hauled onto the scene with protective clothing and Geiger counters etc to deal with the situation. They approach very warily.


The Creature however forms up right underneath the globe and begins pulsing like a hungry mouth and breathing expectantly as the Sphere descends. The soldiers help the scientists to try and grab The Sphere with a gigantic pair of forceps.


White Isis snaps out of her trance and rushes to take the knife from the still frozen hand of Black Isis and climbs up the side of the clasping grasping twining Creature which tries to consume and suck her down. The soldiers and scientists also frantically try and stop her.

After a superhuman battle she somehow reaches the Sphere and cuts the red rope and The Creature surges upwards and consumes her and the Sphere and then slowly deflates and flattens to the floor. Everyone is dead still.


Cue: Dim Lights. Small spotlight on Black Isis.


Black Isis slowly unfreezes and lets her hands and head droop in despair when she sees what has happened. "I knew she'd get us into trouble" "I couldn't save her. "It's over".

She turns resignedly and walks slowly, fatefully, towards The Creature which rises up to receive and gently fold her into the dark and down.

SEEDS fluorescent fall from ceiling onto the floor.


Cue: Lights out. End of Act Two.


Act 3 Sc 1