by Hannah and Ian Keildson

Isis Act Two Scene Four - The Satyr

Character and Costume

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Satyr - Costume is a mixture of matt and shiny black and grey fur and spandex (Think King Kong Thong). He is a black, powerful, primitive deity of raw nature and lust.


White Isis - The scene is back lit from out the mouth so white Isis dress now looks like a see-through nightie


The Girls - Naked, with an animal-skin loincloth.


Cue: Spotlight Upstage Left and backlight from out the mouth.



The Creature forms an arch of twiney trees Upstage Left through which The Girls appear and begin a rude, weaving four footed monkey dance, making lewd hip movements and lascivious fluttering tongue licks. It is a horizontally orientated, sliding and rolling, bumping squatting type of dance where the body follows the writhing bass rhythm of the music, and the head does sharp, mischievous, fearful movements in time with the drum beat. The Girls become excited and panicky and do some two-handed floor slapping and skittering away and back as they discern a vague, menacing form begin to emerge from the forest.


The Satyr appears, almost glowing in the dim light. He stands holding his huge phallus (a hint of the big black snake in the Garden of Eden) and looks at White Isis meaningfully while he fingers it suggestively. The Girls do a J Lo Butt-shake, pointing and pumping their raised bums at him in a crude and direct invitation.


White Isis drops the bouquet and sinks to her knees in terror as the penis, slowly and sensuously approaches her. As a very conscious gesture, he meaningfully stands on the bouquet and grounds it under his hoof in contempt. He approaches her again, and at the last moment he turns away, leaving her open-mouthed with terror and unconscious desire, and walks behind her. He pulls her up by her hair, tilts her head back, takes a grape (from the bunch that the Forest nymph is holding) and puts it in her mouth.


The Creature pulses in a circular womb shape that opens and closes and then begins to do some serious in and out mollusc type sucking gestures with their hands and arms and legs in unison.


Before White Isis can close her mouth, the Satyr kisses her and then blatantly fondles and strokes her all over. She cannot resist and metaphorically moans in abandon. When he lets her go she nearly collapses to the floor but is held up by the Forest Nymphs.


He sidles away and goes to stand next to Black Isis (who is with her back to the audience) so that his phallus is pointing at the audience with his right hand fondling her crotch. The Satyr looks at the women in the audience while he is doing this and then smiles meaningfully, as if he is doing it to them by proxy. Black Isis nearly breaks her body trying to get free of her frozen state, but she can't move.

He moves away and finally turns towards White Isis, his prize. They face each other across the stage. She nearly faints with horror and expectation and The Girls have to hold her up. He gestures with his phallus to the Girls to lift the front of her dress up to her waist.

He takes a step towards her and A SHOT IS FIRED.

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