by Hannah and Ian Keildson

Isis – Act Two Scene Three - The Drunk

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The Drunk - He is a young yuppie type drowning in the sorrows of a recently broken engagement, and is dressed in a new, well-to-do, dishevelled grey suit.



Cue: Spotlight.


White Isis looks at the bouquet in her hands. Black Isis tries to tear it away from her but White Isis hangs on for dear life.


The girls now begin to struggle and pull in opposite directions and finally split apart with White Isis holding the bouquet.


A Drunk stands revealed between the two of them. He has a half empty bottle of booze in his right hand and a cigarette in the other. He has also pissed his pants profusely with puke down the side of his jacket. This is her prize for winning the bouquet.



White Isis responds by approaching him with gentling, mothering movements, as if she is flowing the milk of human kindness from her breasts towards him with her hands.

He responds to her pity with self-pity and soon they whirl into a macabre wedding waltz. Black Isis is scornful and mocking. At a certain stage The Drunk gets down on one knee and proposes to White Isis . This is too much for Black Isis who rushes across, slaps him and gives him a hard shove. He falls and drops his bottle. He staggers to his feet in an embarrassed sort of way and notices that the bottle is broken. Tears of self-pity well up in his eyes and he curses the girls saying ‘fuck you' silently in a continuing crescendo, working himself into a fury and staggering to stage front where he looks at the audience and after a pregnant pause he screams fuck you at them with such frenzy and venom that the effort makes him quiver, releasing all his years of pent up pain. Then, spent, he remembers his broken heart and begins to sob and cry himself into a howling, full blown, primal trauma as he drops to his knees and slowly rocks himself and hums to mama.

White Isis goes to him and covers him with gentle wing like motions of her arms, like a swan covering her young.


In disgust, Black Isis turns her back on them and the audience and begins to walk away when there is a loud ‘CRACK' of a twig. Black Isis freezes and White Isis looks toward the sound backstage.


Cue: Lights down low.


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