by Hannah and Ian Keildson

Isis Act Two Scene One - Desolation

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Old Lady - Dressed as in Act One.


The Creature Many dancers that move mostly as a single, twining, pulsing, visceral-like creature that expresses a raw, primal reptilian response to the actions and emotions on stage. Costumes are sinewy patterns and veins of shiny and matt grey and black with veined webbing between sleeves and body.


Two Isis' In black and white.



Cue: Dim lighting and moving shadows like dark clouds scudding across the moon. There is the sound of desolation. Wind, whispering voices and distant thunder.


The Old Lady emerges from the shadows, and slowly walks to stage front. She looks directly at the audience and speaks

"Ghosts will be ghosts

And fools will be fools.

All you sleeping in your cages,

I told you to be honest

And you were not honest"


Two huge eyes (resembling bullet holes and nipples) open lazily in the black backdrop above and behind her like some giant animal in the dark. The Old Lady slowly turns and shuffles towards the eyes.


The Creature snakes out like a tongue from below the eyes and spirals lovingly around the old lady, whirling and coiling her back into the slit in the curtain as if the giant animal with the eyes is consuming her. The Creature then settles down to form a softly moving, chewing, pulsing mouth shape.


White Isis stumbles in from Up Stage Right as if she's been pushed from behind. She stops and looks about her in dismayed bewilderment. White Isis does her mothers "I have laboured by the sweat of my brow, she'll be the death of me yet" gesture and droops in visible defeat. Black Isis, still concealed in the darkness, reaches around White Isis and slaps her in the face. She then pushes her further onto the stage, following behind her.

The two girls move as one person struggling with conflicting responses to the same situation. White Isis drooping with self pity and helplessness and Black Isis bristling with resentful indignation and brittle panic. The struggle ends in a stalemate, the two girls obstinately turning their heads away from each other.


An Ice-cream van melody is heard and The Creature heaves slightly as if sighing in anticipation. White Isis straightens up abruptly, looking round for the source of the sound. She runs towards The Creature but Black Isis catches her back, gesturing "Cleanliness is next to godliness". White Isis slumps pathetically against Black Isis .


The ice-cream van is heard again. The Creature ripples in response. White Isis rushes towards The Creature again, looking around in search of the sound while The Creature reaches out cloying, clinging tendril hands that stroke and coax and try to suck her in and swallow her. Black Isis, in a panic, frantically clicks her fingers and points to the floor beside her as if calling a dog to heel. White Isis surrenders meekly down and kneels on hands and knees in front of Black Isis who puts her foot on her in victory.


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