by Hannah and Ian Keildson


Isis – Act Two Scene Two – The President

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Secret Service Men - Dark Suits with a Tyre Track insignia on their chest.

The President - Dressed in a jacket with black and white vertical stripes, and trousers with horizontal black and white stripes.

First Lady - She has diagonal black and white stripes.

Business Woman - She wears a two-piece Velcro snap-off dress suit in black and white chessboard squares and hi-heels.

The Maiden - This is the Business woman transformed into an Ophelia type in deathless white chiffon.

Girls - Grey shifts with a diagonally cut hem from hip to knee.

Death - In black cape with a black hood hiding his face.

Groom – Death In white suit (black cape reversed) with a flesh coloured faceless mask.



The Creature breaks apart like a cluster of spiders, flows around the Isis pair and re-forms Down Stage Left where it crouches in expectation like a giant breathing animal. White and Black Isis also retreat, clinging to each other. Something's up.


Two Secret Service Men sidle suddenly on to check that the area is secure. They fan out, hands on hidden guns, fingers pressed to earpieces, talking into throat microphones. They continually scan the stage and audience for trouble....paying particular attention to The Creature .


Cue: Swirling Spotlights Upstage Right.


The President and the First Lady appear. The scene is a political party campaign victory celebration. The President greets the audience with smiles, waves, victory signs and a little impromptu boogie shuffle to the music. He presents the First Lady and then gestures to the Archway as the Business Lady dances on holding a chancellors briefcase aloft, preceded by two Girls in rosettes and flags with the black and white tyre track motif.


The Girls dance onstage in classical ballet style but break into an excited hip hop type party dance, smiling and waving greetings at the crowd, and strewing bank notes for the Labour Lady to walk on. Caught up by the music, White Isis starts to dance but Black Isis reprimands her. The Business Lady walks up to the President, who holds her hand and “the suitcase” aloft for the audience to cheer. The Girls throw money to the audience and to The Creature that breaks apart and furtively dart out to grab some notes. White Isis picks one up but Black Isis slaps it out of her hand.


The Girls then take the briefcase and open it for the Business Lady who takes two fans made of money and begins her dance in the spotlight. She begins in a seductive pose with fans in front of her breasts and pelvis, then takes two skips forward and opens herself into gorgeously tempting, utterly irresistible, semi-oriental-classical fan dance which expresses the ecstasy of her being, and the abandoned voluptuousness of Love. The Girls dance in synchronized modern pop song video style, but slightly more refined and restrained.


The Creature is mesmerically attracted to the Business Lady and becomes progressively more dangerously aroused. The President becomes alarmed for her safety as The Creature pulses ever closer and finally, when the Secret Service men react and surge forward to help her, it is too late. The dance culminates with the Business Lady stepping forward with fans strategically placed as the Girls strip away first her jacket then her skirt. After a titillating pause she flings open the fans and poses naked for the split second it takes The Creature to finally lose control and leap out tongue-like and drag her to under the eyes where they consume her. Black Isis turns White Isis' head away so she doesn't see the horror. Everyone freezes into a tableau except for The Creature who goes into spasms, convulsions, contractions and slumps. While this is happening, the lights go very dim.



This scene is danced on points in a classical ballet style in contrast to the Kwela jive music.

After a pause, The Creature begins to peel open to reveal Death and The Maiden who begin an allegorical dance in a Baroque style in which Death claims her for his prize. He leads her to the point of consummating their grizzly union with the fleshless kiss of death when...


Cue: Party music and Lights.


Death and The Maiden are transformed into a happy bride and groom. The music strikes up, The Creature and everyone comes to life, and the couple dance into the welcoming arms of the President and The First Lady. They wave goodbye to the audience and dance their way offstage escorted by the Secret Service men. At the last, the bride turns and throws her bouquet of red flowers and White Isis catches it.


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