It's all in the mind.

Is any body there?



Keeping in mind that one can only foretell the future inasmuch as it will come to pass because you predicted it, and that you can only know what is or has been (the future is a mere potential of many possibilities), then the apocalypse predicted in the New Testament must have been well under way by the time it was prophesied.
In fact, from the Arabian and Asian hordes of 5000 B.C. onwards there has been little else besides rape and carnage, and it's compensations of art, religion and the need for civilization.
The cult of death lies deep in the roots of the man-made mind that separated us from nature. Monkey out on a limb, that's for sure. Frightening himself with his own thoughts, thinking HE is God and the other fella's the devil. Which means his mind must be perfectly made up at all times. Not an eye lash out of place or a dirty sheet showing signs of...ugh...the beast below and it's disgusting habits. Wouldn't life be perfect with out the body? Well, once it has been tamed, the next thing to do is hide it in a labyrinth of beauty and ambiguity. Dress it up in tales and timetables, anything to distract the discerning eye.

The mind began it's long journey to world domination with a simple step.
All primates have a sophisticated "event recall" mechanism which can trigger a memory when confronted with a similar situation in the now. The memory replays in the monkey's mind and merges with reality in which the body gets the message on what to do next.
Then some show-off young Australopithecine discovered the trick of re-enacting an event (i.e. a hunt) as a way of telling the others in the tribe how they had killed the bull. Not only that, but by mimicking the bulls charge, the others could practice and perfect a manoeuvre for dealing with the next situation before it actually happened. Through this voluntary memory manipulation and role-play ability we began our journey out of Eden into the knowledge of just how naked we are.
The apprehending powers of the body began to diminish as the mind took over and our vision of paradise receded into the Icons and Idols of mystic materialism. (The invention of symbols also helped us to control our emotional responses to things and be more logical and detached in our thinking.)
The invention of time and matter... (it's six o' clock and here come the buffalo and where's my bloody spear) to cover up the abyss beneath the body that walks in darkness dazzled by the light feeling it's way through the unseen and the unsayable...is all in the mind.
The mind keeps us safe (so it say's) by jumping to the worst possible conclusions and then trying to avoid them and running slap bang into a self fulfilling prophecy.
That's all because the mind can't think for itself. The mind is an inorganic calculating machine and only thinks what you (or your subconscious) tells it to think. You think your mind is the thinker instead of just a mirror. (For the mind to operate it has to be separated into two, to see what it is thinking.) That's why positive thinking works. You are telling your mind what to think. That puts you back in the drivers seat. This is called taking "responsibility" for your life. The thing we usually shift onto others and then assassinate them for not getting it right.

Can there be any clearer sign
of the end of the line
and don't you think it's time
to rise and shine?



The Dream World

“The vestibular system is one of the primary systems we use to orient ourselves in the space around us. The idea of moving in mental space has some correlates to the ability to move in physical space. Remember when you're in a dream, you're in what feels like a real world with spatial parameters. Although the laws of physics aren't quite the same, you still have to manoeuvre.” (From a Lucid Dreaming website)


REM. When you're awake the spatial orientating system in the ear sends messages to the eye when the body (or the head) moves, so that the eye stays still (relative to the landscape) and our vision doesn't blur (when we nod for instance). If the head turns slightly left, a message goes to the eyes to turn slightly and equally to the right. Now, when we're sleeping we only “dream” that our head is turning, but the body's spatial apparatus is still working and telling the eyes to move even though the body is not. This, I believe is the cause of some of the rapid eye movement.

The eyes for some reason are also not paralyzed in sleep like the body muscles. The eyes, when looking slightly upward (when closed) can induce certain brain wavelengths too I understand. I think there is more to the eye than meets it.

The eye sees the light.


The Timeless Atom


Matter is made of atoms, but an atom is not made of matter.

We can only measure that part of the quanta that exhibits a material property (i.e. the position of it's particle). But when we stop measuring it reverts to a wave of probabilities which is not a property of matter, but more a property of the world of dreams where time stands still (the speed of light capability of a quanta puts it outside the laws of time) and place is multilayered and ever changing from one thing into another. In the dream world objects and place are not fixed in stone because a strong time factor is needed to stretch place out into a linear material substance. If the atom serves both the physical and the dream world and is the common denominator and building block of both, then dreaming must take place in some sort of electro-magnetic ether and not just be an hallucination in the brain. We must actually be somewhere when we dream in eternity.

The atom exists in neither of these two worlds, being neither matter nor spirit, though it can be called on to play both parts.



Confession or complaint. Opinion or negative crap (If you're not house-trained you just do it in anyone's ear.) A complaint or moaning or criticism or negativism is usually a fright that has been processed by self defence into anger and then projected at the outside world (if you're an aggressive type) or at the self. Self defence (attack) means to put the blame elsewhere and obscure the facts by banging on about ones favourite hubby horse or nag.